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woman - a chemical analysis...

hmmm! hop si weekendu' e aici, batandu-mi cu zgomot la usa...asa cu george enescu in sfarsit traiesc...hmmm!si cu obiceiul meu de a rasfoii am dat peste o ...analiza chimica a femeii( o am de la enstein-profu' de English din gimnaziu ,bineinteles..mai practica si el sportul rasfoitului prin dosare...) .
si aici oedip se pricepe mai bine...;) studiaza chimia prin strainataturi ;){sa imi spui si mie cum ascund eu linku' cela in spatele numelui}

Hazardous Materials Information Data Sheet

Woman - A Chemical Analysis

Element : Woman
Symbol : Wo
Discoverer : Adam
Atomic Mass : Accepted as 53.6 kg but may vary from 40 kg to 200 kg
Occurrence : Common and widespread in urban areas.


1 Surface ussually covered with painted film.
2 Boils at nothing. freezes without any reason.
3 Melts if given special attention.
4 Bitter if incorrectly used.
5 Found in various states from virgin metal to common one.
6 Yields to pressure applied to correct points.


1 Has great affinity to gold, silver and a range of precious stones.
2 Absorbs great quantities of expensive substances.
3 May explode spontaneously without warning and for no known reason.
4 Insoluble in liquids, but activity increased by saturation in alcohol.
5 Most powerful money reducing agent known.
6 Several allotropes commonly found, eg., Divorce, Dolly bird, Shrew, Nag.


1 Highly ornamental, especially in sports cars.
2 Can be a great aid to relaxation.
3 Very effective cleaning agent.


1 Pure specimens turn rosy pink when discovered in natural state.
2 Turns green when placed beside better specimen.
3 Prime specimens exibits strong magnetic attraction which decays with age.


1 Highly dangerous except in experimented hands.
2 Illegal to possess more than one concurrently, although several can be maintained at different location as long as specimens do not come into direct contact with each other.SER!!! {Severe Explosion Risk}
3 May unexpectedly change state, especially after application of gold ring.
4 Precaution against multiplication sometimes required, eg. Rubber Glove.


A mixture of sport and alcohol provide short term relief from symptoms.
In case of severe contamination seek imemediate attention from clergyman.(hahhahah)
asta e chiar o glumita buna...

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EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER.So throw off the bowlines!Sail away from the safe harbour!

EXPLORE.  DREAM.  DISCOVER.So throw off the bowlines!Sail away from the safe harbour!